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CMA Data

CMA Data refers to Credit Monitoring Assessment Data. CMA data is an essential requirement for new as well as existing Project Loans, Term Loans and Work Capital Limits. CMA data is a detailed analysis of your firm’s past, present, and projected future financial health in a defined format outlined by RBI. Banks evaluate the eligibility of Work Capital Needs and the standard ratios to ensure that the use of funds will be done effectively.

CRS Consulting consists of a professional team of financial experts that prepare accurate CMA reports with a due consideration to rules and regulations stated by RBI and standard banking norms. Our CRS consultant makes sure your CMA data has all the required details to ensure that you get your business required funding at the right time without any hassles.

CRS Consulting is a premier financial and banking advisory company in Ahmedabad, India. We offer end-to-end financial and banking tailored solutions for different clients as per their requirements. Our team of the exceptionally talented and experienced team delivers solutions quickly and accurately. Get in touch with our CRS consultant for excellent bookkeeping services, CMA data report, project report for bank finances and more at the best price.

Service Packge List

Choose Your Package Plans

CMA Data (Essential)

5,000.00 (including GST)

For Credit limits up to Rs.25 lacs Up to Three Responses to Bank Queries

CMA Data (Enhanced)

7,500.00 (including GST)

For Credit limits up to Rs.100 lacs Up to Three Responses to Bank Queries

CMA Data (Ultimate)

15,000.00 (including GST)

For Credit limits up to Rs.500 lacs Up to Three Responses to Bank Queries

How to prepare

CMA Data Report online Easy Steps

Get in touch with us

Explain us your business

Your Draft CMA report is prepared & discussed with you

Your Final CMA report is ready for submission to bank

Our Process

Review of Business

For preparing a viable and realistic Business Plan, it is very important to understand your business and the purpose of your business plan. Our Service Manager will get in touch with you for the same. It will take into consideration all the peculiarities of your business as well as the understanding of the investor.

Collection of Required Documents

We will send list of documents required to prepare CMA Data or Project Report. You have option of sending the same through email at or upload the same on the website by logging in to your account.

Initial Draft

Based on the understanding of your business, our Service Manager will take in to consideration various assumptions for your sales growth, expenses projections, cash inflow and outflows, your assets and liabilities estimations. We will also consider how best to incorporate industry standards and align your positioning in the market place.

Final Draft

Our Service Manager will discuss Draft Business with you. You will receive a final copy of Business Plan which is ready for submission to your bankers or investors. We undertake up to 2 iterations to your Business plan in case needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to generate my CMA Data/Project Report/Mudra Report/PMEGP Report etc?
Does your report guarantee success in getting business loan/working capital?

We carefully consider all aspects of your business, RBI Norms and Bank specific rules and regulations while preparing your report. However, there are other factors such as CIBIL Score, Conduct of Existing Bank Accounts, Credit History, Market Reputation, Viability of the business, Strength of Management etc. which are also considered by Banks to sanction any credit facility.

What is the difference between Term Loan and Working Capital?

Term Loan is provided by Banks for purchase of Machinery, Property or other Fixed Assets. Working Capital is provided by Banks to cover for operations expenses (materials purchase).

What factors should I consider before I set up a new business?

You should consider your Vision, Skills, Interest and Willingness to take calculated risks. SIDBI has published excellent resource for those who wish to set up their own business. Please Click here to download.

Is my personal/financial data secure?

We do not share your personal or financial data with third parties. We consider privacy and confidentially of your private information as our top priority. We have robust security policy and rest assured that the information you share with us will be strictly private and confidential.

What if I have a query?

Please get in touch with us by dropping an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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